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What is price skimming?

The seven P's are important in production positioning - what are they?

List the 3 types of market targeting?

What is market segmentation?

Which elements make up the PESTEL model?

Define Reverse Logisitcs.

What is DMAIC?

What is "Kaizen"?

What are the two costs of non-conformance in quality management?

Define "Quality Management".

Define "Quality Assurance".

Define "Quality Control".

What is additive manufacturing?

What are the two sources of flexible manufacturing?

In process technology, what does CNC stand for?

What are MRPI and MRPII?

Define "Lean Sychronisaion".

There are 5 types of supply chain relationship management - what are they?

What is the correct term for high supply difficuly and low profile impact?

How "Push" and "Pull" models of supply chains differ?

What are extrinsic and intrinsic rewards?

What theory did Herzberg generate?

Name the two most effective approaches or job design types at improving job motivation in the long term.

What are the differences between training and development?

What is a competency framework?

What are Lockett's six suggested barriers to human performance appraisal?

What is meant by an "open appraisal"?

Why is a planning stage necessary in human resource development?

What are the two axis on a Boston Consulting Group matrix?

Define "Life Cycle Costing"?

What are the five stages of a product life cycle, in order?

What are the 5 ways in which marketing of products and services differ?

What are the three categories of market research?

What are the 6I's of e-business?

What is meant by the "price elasticity of demand"?

Name the four types of competition?

What are the 4C's?

What is meant by monetising data?

Define the three processes of extracting, loading and transformation.

What are the 4 V's  of Big data?

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