We have a new office!

We are excited to announce that Hone Financial has moved to a new office location in central Colwyn Bay and we are excited to have our own permanent space.
The new office is part of an office block in central Colwyn Bay, putting us right on the street near the centre looking out onto the hustle and bustle on the main road.  It’s exciting to be in the centre and within easy walking distance of plenty of great cafes, restaurants and the beach!
Why did we move?
  1. Flexibility.   The new office enables us to deliver a more flexible service without having to manouvere  equipment and resources. We now have more permanent space that is fully equipped and ready to deliver.
  2. Visibility.   Our new location right in the centre will help boost our visibility in the area and help us more quickly come to mind as local businesses and non-profits look to develop their trainee accountants.
  3. Location.   The new office is central and within easy walking distance from the train station and car parking facilities. There are some great eating places (Bryn Williams, Pen y Bryn and The Station are just a few of our favourites), a number of coffee shops, The Glass Lounge, Costa coffee and plenty more.  The location lets us and our customers take advantage of all the offerings of Colwyn Bay.

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